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Haitian woman defending her son in the Dominican Republic.

This picture is raw

damn this woman is a strong mother fucking person power to the people

This is what we’re supposed to do
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Bob Dylan & Joan Baez
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Haunting Streets: The Paintings of Lesley Oldaker


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Peter Jackson on the set of Braindead/Dead Alive  (1992)
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Valente Celle Tomb, 1893, The Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa - Italy

Sculptor: Giulio Monteverde (Bistagno, Alessandria, 1837 - Roma 1917)

The funeral monument called “Eternal Drama” represents a real Dans macabre, the futile attempt of life to escape the inevitable embrace of death. The sculptor Giulio Monteverde underlines, in this sculpture, the contrast between the sensuality of the beautiful young woman who personifies Life (caught in the moment in which , wearied by the vain struggle, she is about to surrender herself to the terrible spectre who has chosen her as his prey) and the rigid impassiveness of Death which seizes her. http://grabschonheiten.diary.ru/p81440998.htm?oam

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Let you flow
Moonassi [Daehyun Kim]
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